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The Center of Applied Innovation in Competitive Technologies (CIATEC) was founded on August 12, 1976 with the mission to provide the Mexican footwear and tanning industry with support in technological services in order to strengthen their competitive advantages, so that they can be more globally competitive.

CIATEC is a member of the Public Centers of Science and Technology (CONACYT), which is comprised of 5,500 researchers developing projects in specialized areas of knowledge.

Our assets

  • We provide support to businesses in the development of technological projects and management. We also assist businesses in obtaining federal and state funding for R&D projects.
  • First-rate Staff and Organizational Structure.
  • Expertise in various knowledge areas including: Environment, Industrial Engineering, Electronics, Information Technology, Polymers, Biomechanics, and Leather and Footwear.
  • More than 25 years of experience in industrial and manufacturing industries, offering tangible results that increase productivity and competitiveness in the sector.

1.- History, mission & objectives.


On August 12 th , 1976 the Mexican Government created the Centro de Investigación y Asesoría Tecnológica del Estado de Guanajuato (CIATEG) as an answer to the continuous demands of the leather and footwear industrial sectors for support in their technological innovative efforts. In 1994 there was a change in the official name of the Center changing it to Centro de Investigación y Asesoría Tecnológica en Cuero y Calzado, A.C. (CIATEC) and in 2003 there is a new change in its name to CIATEC, A.C.

The Center has offered a continuous technological support for more than a quarter century, making it possible for companies to be competitive in every market. This support has been provided through research projects, consultancies on designing and maintenance of plants, laboratory and information services.


To generate competitive advantages in the enterprises throughout innovation and advanced technology.


  • To give solutions to the technological problems of the footwear and leather industries, through the offering of diverse services that improve the quality, productivity, competitiveness and ecological impact of their performance, while also increasing their utilities in the short or medium term.
  • To be a key element in the development of the leather, footwear and suppliers industries.
  • To train and help forming qualified human resources that could foster the production processes continuous improvement.
  • To be the promoter of research and development projects that help in the market internationalization and sustained development of the footwear and leather industries.

2.- Infrastructure: buildings, laboratories and equipment.

In 1976 CIATEG-CIATEC started to work on its first offices at the Republica de Cuba Street in León, Guanajuato. Following the growing demand of services and products, a new building was built in 1982 at Fraccionamiento Industrial Delta. In this same terrain two more structures have been built in 1992 and 1995, plus the adquisition in 2001 of another terrain for parking lot. In 2005 another 1,000 sq mt were purchased and the building of a new structure named Edifcio D was started. In all there are now 9,700 square meters of working areas.

The four buildings referred to have in a first instance the technical areas. In the second case there are the classrooms. The third building comprises the administrative office and the General Director´s office. Finnally the building D comprises the laboratories and the Library.


There are nine laboratories which have constituted one of the pillars

in CIATEG-CIATEC development:

  • Laboratory of Physical Testing for Leather and Footwear
  • Laboratory of Chemical Testing for Leather and Footwear
  • Biochemistry Laboratory
  • Optoelectronic and Instrumentation Laboratory
  • Prototype Development Laboratory
  • Laboratory of Metrology
  • Laboratory of Polymers
  • Leather Laboratory
  • Electronics Laboratory


  • We create technological R& D projects in the areas Of: Certification, Environment 
Leather and Footwear, Materials, Industrial Engineering and Supply Chain Management.
Consult our experts and Take advantage of Our first-rate laboratories
  • Precision and accuracy are fundamental to the increase of productivity. Find experience and trust in our laboratories: laboratory Tests, Biomechanics, Materials, Metrology, Analysis, Chemicals and Environment.
  • Get to know the courses offered in our program for Continued Education at CIATEC in the following disciplines: Footwear, Design, Leather and Tanning, and Automation. We offer the following Postgraduate Certificates: Masters Degree in Technical Management of Tanning and the Interdisciplinary Postgraduate Diploma in Science and Technology.
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