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Accreditedby the Mexican Entity of Accreditation to certify products and alsofor the Mexican Institute for Standardization and Certification toprovide quality certifications to MEXICANSHOESQUALITY

Advantagesof certification

  • Qualityassurance.

  • Preventionof monetary loss from complaints and lose of clients.

  • Standardizationof products and services.

  • Product certification for participation in public bidding for governmentcontracts 

Certifications provided

  • Certification for work shoes to meet the requirements of MOM-113-STPS-2009.

Number of certified shoe companies: 45, whose manufacture and sell work shoes to the national market.

  • Certification for materials for labeling under NOM -020-SCFI-1997.

There are more than 200 services to companies that perform commerce in and out of Mexico.

  • Certification to the system MEXICANSHOES QUALITY for shoe companies and leather goods. Promoted by the CICEG.

There have been 249 certifications in 4 levels or phases at 117 companies.

  • Certification to MEXICAN SOURCING QUALITY for companies’ providers and partners of APIMEX.

There have been 378 certificates to 250 companies/providers that perform commerce in and out of Mexico.

  • Certification of free and restricted substances for exportation that meet the requirements of the US-CPSC.

28 materials from 6 exporting companies have been certified.

  • Certification of footwear free of sharp-pointed metal objects. A requirement of Japanese customers on Mexican manufacturers since 2007.

An average of 150,000 pairs of shoes from 30 companies exporting to Japan and the USA have been certified.

The PCB is accredited to certify the following products:

The PCB also certifies plastic tubing for low pressure drainage with the following standards and using accredited processes: 

ProductNorm or methodProcedureAccreditation body
I. Footwear protectionNOM-113-STPS-2009 December 22 2009, modified on December 24 2010NC-27.01-03Accredited by the Mexican accreditation entity and approved by the STPS.
Plastic tubing for low pressure drainageISO 21138|ASTM F894|NOM-001-CONAGUA-2011NC-27.01-02In process