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Focused Transparency

Proactive information with specific purposes, which fosters the generation of public knowledge and contributes to improving the decision making of citizens and authorities.

Instutional Repository

Coordinación de archivo

Programa Anual de Desarrollo Archivístico 2021

Programa Anual de Desarrollo Archivístico 2020

Informe Anual de Actividades 2020

Informe Anual de Desarrollo Archivístico 2019

Postgraduate programs offered by CIATEC and Scholarships 

Information about the Postgraduate Programs offered by CIATEC and Scholarships for study (CONACYT). The objective is that the user finds more information on the subject in one single section, facilitating access to information. 

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Scientific and Technological Production

Here you will find information related to the Scientific and Technological Production of CIATEC, A.C. The objective is that the users know more information of the actions carried out by the Center. Go to the section.

Inventory of accreditations and certifications

Here you will find information about the Center’s accreditations, the objective is that the user has confidence on the quality of the services offered by CIATEC.

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Benefits of the products offered by CIATEC, A.C.

Here you will find information derived from Client surveys, the objective is that the public in general and potential customers know the results of the satisfaction survey regarding the benefits obtained. 

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Users served

Statistical information about the users we have served across, the objective is to make transparent all the transactions carried out by CIATEC. 

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Quality survey 

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Open data

To access the Open Data of CIATEC, A.C., visit: www.datos.gob.mx/CIATEC