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We develop projects that improve the environment in the areas of:


  • Collagen chemistry
  • Vegetal, enzymatic and chrome tanning processes

Water, soil, and residues

  • Evaluation, characterization, and remediation of polluted sites (isolation, identification of microorganisms of biotechnological interest)
  • Waste management
  • Development of technologies for waste re-valuation
  • Minimization of costs through cleaner production systems (designs to save energy and materials)
  • Design, execution, and supervision of systems for the efficient use and treatment of water
  • Plans for ecological ordering of areas
  • Regulation of zoning and land use

Environmental risk analysis

  • We develop:
  • Environmental risk studies (ERA)
  • Sustainability plans (alternative energies and climate change analysis)
  • Environmental sampling and monitoring plans (chain of custody)
  • Municipal risk atlas (Sanitary-ecological, geological, socio-organizational, hydrometeorological and chemical-technological)
  • Design and execution of environmental monitoring plans
  • Environmental management plans (development of standards, systems reengineering, etcetera)
  • Environmental supervitions.

Urban zones

  • Studies of prospects and perspectives of urban areas expansion
  • Programs of partial areas development
  • Urban observatories
  • Generation of geographic information systems
  • Analysis of the physical environment through remote perception
  • Studies of ecological and territorial ordering

Contacto - CIATEC


Ing. José de Jesús Esparza Claudio


Tel. (477) 710 00 11, ext. 15300

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