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We develop projects that optimize production processes for the development of innovative products in the following areas:

Design and development of the product

  • Digitalization and evaluation of lasting process.
  • Design of lasts and components
  • Design, modeling, patterns, and fabrication of prototypes; footwear collections and leather goods
  • Biomechanics + product design = personalized footwear
  • Technical advice in the application and use of CAD/CAE/CAM
  • Consulting, training, and workshops for fashion and design

Footwear manufacture processes

  • Development and strengthening of the supply chain
  • Development of smart materials for footwear manufacture
  • Process and product innovation incorporating advanced technology
  • Regulatory laws of manufacturing processes and quality

Tanning chemical processes

  • Generation of technological products using residues from the tanning industry
  • Specialization in fine fur processing
  • Technological innovation in the tanning processes
  • Treatment of wastewater caused by the industry
  • Cost reduction through process optimization


  • Design of advanced materials
  • Design of new formulations and components for soles and insoles.

Design and product development.

  • Prototypes manufacture
  • 2D and 3D design 
  • Design of ergonomic solutions, equipment, work spaces, and biomechanical systems
  • Design of special manufacturing devices

Industrial and process engineering

  • Design of laboratories for conformity assessment
  • Design of footwear and tannery manufacturing plants
  • Optimization of material, process, and lines of production 
  • Diagnostic and assesment for the development of suppliers
  • Application of quality tools for continuous improvement
  • Program Risk Analysis "PRA" (Accident Prevention Program)

Electromechanic engineering

  • Industrial automatization
  • Design, development, and optimization of machinery and lab equipment
  • Diagnostics and development of projects for the efficient use of electric power
  • Maintenance of industrial electrical installations
  • In situ diagnoses of Electrical risk, based on the current NOM-001 standard
  • Diagnosis and resolution of problems related to mechanical systems

Standardization and certification

  • Product certification office
  • Evaluation and certification of processes and quality systems
  • Certification of tariff pre-classification
  • Standardization services

System engineering

  • Development of software for design, manufacture, logistics, and electronic businesses
  • Consulting in information technologies, logistics, distribution and commercialization

Contacto - CIATEC


Mtro. José de Jesús Torres García


Tel. (477) 710 00 11, ext:15000