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Technology-based services that impacts population health in urban, rural or work environments

We are specialists In:

  • Medical Biomechanics: we generate preventive and corrective solutions of the main mechanical pathologies of the human body
  • Sports Biomechanics: we develop training techniques to improve athletes’ performance
  • Occupational Biomechanics: we offer specialized studies in the interaction of the human body with its environment, either in the workplace, during tool handling, in a car, at home, etc. We adapt the studies to your needs and capabilities

Our services

  • Anthropometric studies (3D, Vicon-Type) in footwear as a basis for the design and development of specialized or functional footwear
  • Anthropometric studies (3D Vicon-Type) in gloves
  • Biomechanical footwear evaluation
  • Occupational ergonomics
  • Medical biomechanics
  • Human walking dynamics
  • Static posture or balance tests
  • Plantar pressures in static or dynamic form
  • Accelerometer studies of pelvic limbs, arms and head
  • Generation of prototype footwear components
  • Design of customized footwear templates (Lasts)
  • Footwear characterization and demonstrations to develop comfortable footwear for walking: flexible, non-slip, impact attenuator footwear under normal conditions
  • Determination of the magnitudes of walking reaction forces
  • Determination of the magnitudes of balancing forces, for each foot, when walking
  • Determination of speed and cadence when walking
  • Determination of the footprint angle (direction of footprint)
  • Determination of the mechanical braking and takeoff impulses
  • Determination of plantar pressure mapping and numerical values for each foot (external, internal, and at the forefoot)
  • Determination of the maximum pressure intensity for each foot
  • Determination of the barycenter as a result of the walking process and the type of footstep: normal, flat, or hollow

Contacto - CIATEC


Dr. Israel Miguel Andrés 

lortiz@ciatec.mx /  biomecanica@ciatec.mx

Phone. (477) 710 00 11, ext. 16202 

Whatsapp: +52 477 324 4450